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BleachBum.com is a Keesha Myas website.
I will write about any type of issue or information if the price is right and the assignment is interesting.

I have a long-standing partnership with ShopInPrivate.com and tackles embarrassing feminine issues for them. They provide me with a question such as "are people really bleaching their assholes or is this just an urban myth" and I help them research the situation . They then offer the products needed in a totally private environment.

Sometimes, my assignment is just a product description on their website, other times we build an entire website devoted to one topic. The topic of anal bleaching deserved its own website.

Contact me if you have any information about anal bleaching that you think the site would benefit from. Please note that we do not publish rumors about celebrities that bleach their bum. First, these are just rumors and second, we feel they deserve their privacy just like everyone else.

Keesha then a zero-five then at isderacorp dot com.
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